Successful Winter Horse Care

Winter Horse Care

Successful Winter Horse Care
Is your horse ready for another winter? Get all the needed information to keep your horse safe and healthy during the coldest time of the year. Make sure your horse is not neglected during this time. After twenty years of responsible horse care I know what it takes to prepare when the season changes and the cold weather arrives again. This guide will show you the easy things that must be done to give your horse a fighting chance.

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Robbie Jones has spent most of his adult life riding, caring, and selling horses. As a reflection of this deep love and commitment for horses, he spent the last 20 years managing a large horse stable in Houston, Texas.

He is the author of YOUR FIRST HORSE, Trail Riding on Horseback, and Successful Winter Horse Care. Additionally he is the editor of Horse and Introduction to There are two new horse related books set for release in 2017 and 2018. He currently lives in the historic town of Crockett. Texas.