Everyone Should Own a Horse at Least Once in Their Lives...

Being able to own and keep your own horse is a privilege few of us get to enjoy. For those of us who could not live without Horses in their lives. Within this book is the info to keep your first horse happy...

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Your First Horse, Fun Beginner Horsemanship

This new informative horse care book is a new release from the knowledgeable horseman Robbie Jones. It is a collection of information gathered over an extended number of years working with what he loves to do, caring, handling and selling horses in the central Texas area. By sharing his experience with insights into horses, Robbie Jones will actually bring you into his world of horse handling, horse rescue management and simply loving being around horses everyday. Robbie looks at horses as if looking into a mirror held up to life, and through his writing we come to see not only horses but ourselves in relation to the horse we prize above all animals.

Robbie Jones

Trail Riding on Horse Back, Rules of the Road

When you take a horse in a trailer for a trail ride, you are taking a huge risk with your horse. There is a complete chapter on how to get your trailer and horse ready to travel. You will see some tips on how to inspect your trailer and keep it road safe. All of this horse knowledge is real life situations of someone who handles horses everyday and has hauled horses by trailer for thousands of miles.Robbie Jones has been buying and selling and handling horses for over 20 and explains many of the secrets and tips he has learned in those years about safer trail riding and caring for horses. Amazing work. that is worth the read.

Robbie Jones

Powerful Horse Description Swipe Files, The Secret Behind Selling Horses

Powerful Horse Description Swipe Files, The Secret Behind Selling Horses

This new horse marketing book, Powerful Horse Description Swipe Files is for those horse sales people who tend to think more like an informed horse entrepreneur. This guide is also for savoy over worked sales staff who want to take control of their future sales and quickly produce a larger profit margin. Robbie Jones’s, Powerful Horse Description Swipe Files, is the most up to date, personable guide to modern horse marketing I know. Packed with tips and well tested methods, its an essential guide for independent horse sellers who want to keep up with the ever changing world of horse marketing.


Our Many Readers Have a Few Things to Say About These Books...

We have had many people contact us after reading my books. Here are just a few of the emails we have recently had come in.

I have had a horse for over a year but just did not have the interest anymore after a few bad times with my horse. I saw Robbie’s book on Amazon and bought it to give to my grandson. After getting the book in the mail I had to read a few pages, that is all it took. I read the book till I was done.

The next day I was up early and instead of just giving my horse his morning feed and leaving, I decided to pen her up instead and see if I could saddle her and go for a ride. Well to make a long story short I was able to ride her down the road for the first time since I owned her. We still have a way to go but I am finally confident on her back. Would recommend this book to anyone.

Angela Duffey,  Magnolia, Texas

Wish I Would Have Purchased Sooner

Your First Horse, was a Awesome book for me at the right time. It came in the mail within four days and after reading it helped me focus on my relationship with my horse. A great reference manual for me when it comes to your horse and the law. If you love horses, or if you are about to buy your first horse, this is definitely the book you should read. If you could buy this before you buy a horse that would help you. I had already bought a bad horse but will do better next time. This book for me was had many useful pointers and old fashioned horse wisdom. My horses will never be in jeopardy or trouble.

Susan Gilbert

Your First Horse
Buy This Book Before You Buy a Horse….

Anyone Can Sell You a Book....

I am going to sell you a book that will change you and your horses life for the better and bring you real information that you can truly use.

I am going to sell you a book you will pass on to your family and friends because it has horse tips and advice that you will use daily.

Robbie Jones

And Why the Hell Would You Ever Want to Read my Books…..

All I Love to Do is Work Around Horses, and I Write About What I Love to DO!

If you are motivated to have the best relationship you can with your horses you should look deeper into the horse information that I convey in my books. Here are a few of the main reasons you should read my books:

  • I can help you become more confident around your horse
  • The main goal of my books is to get you to think like a horse thinks
  • Everyone wants to learn more about the world around them and especially horses
  • People Own Horses to Feel Good, through my books we will explore that
  • Do it For Your Horse and For Yourself

My name is Robbie Jones and for well over 20 years I managed a large horse stable just north of Houston, Texas. I lived on the stable property so, at the end of the day, I was still there caring for the horses, basically 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I loved the horses and each day was hard, fun and exciting and there was rarely a dull moment. After many continuous years of horse care and learning I was able to channel my many experiences into my writing. I am the author of Trail Riding on Horse Back Rules of the Road, Powerful Horse Description Swipe Files, and my most recent book release Your First Horse, Fun Beginner Horsemanship. I also have two new horse books set to be released in the 2017-2018 season.

Over the years I have been spotlighted and featured in several Texas horse magazines and newspapers for my various aggressive programs with horse rescue. I could sit here and try to do my best to brag about the thousands of people I have helped match up to the right horse for their skill level. But I would rather talk about my own personal transformation into horses and where it has lead me.

There was a time in my life when I was a beginner with horses, I was not confident around them and at the time could not even tell an Arabian from a Thoroughbred. Every horse I ever sat on would buck me off, but that was before I met a man named John Lyons.

I was lucky enough to have met a man that, at the time was the only horse trainer and people trainer that made sense to me, and there he was 25 miles from my house, visiting a close friends ranch. From that chance meeting I was able to work with John and his son for the next two years and learned so much under there watchful eye. From there the sky was the limit. At this time I can not only spot and tell you almost any breed of any horse, I am able to ride and handle or train most any horse and do so daily. As well as write about horses, I still buy, sell and handle horses in central Texas to this day.

The many horse secrets and information I have learned over the years is information I can simply pass on to you in my horse books.

Robbie Jones

YOUR FIRST HORSE, Fun beginner Horsemanship

YOUR FIRST HORSE, Fun beginner Horsemanship

Robbie’s book will hold your attention and heart, impossible to resist. His reflections are genuinely American and down country simple. A real life horse trader, trainer and horse rescue manager. You can learn the near magical abilities as he dramatically transforms beginners into experienced horse riders.


Robbie Jones